Garage Band Live Prize Details

“Garage Band Live” Best Performance Competition

 "Garage Band Live" Competition and "Locked in a GarageBand" movie  

BC Day 2011 Capital Festival Productions  and "Locked in A Garage Band" movie makers collaborate to promote local independent musicians at the BC Day Celebrations at St.Ann's Academy in Victoria.

Each year, the  Capital Festival "BC Day Celebrations "  held at St. Ann's Academy grounds in Victoria, see between  8000-10,000 people in attendance.  This year, Capital Festival Productions, the local event & promotions company behind these BC Day Celebrations each year, is partnering with the film making team from "Locked in a Garage Band", a movie recently produced and filmed right here in Victoria.  Their purpose - to collaborate to provide an opportunity for local 'garage' bands to get out of the garage.... and on to the soundtrack of the film.

Capital Festival  has long been an advocate of promoting local talent, often seeing emerging artists paired with well-known and more experienced acts for many major local events. This year, Capital Festival Productions  are promoting two awards at  our  "BC Day  Celebrations" and  Festival.

The first is "BC's Best Emerging Youth Artist Award" - a presentation by Capital Festival Productions to the outstanding young solo artist of the day (up to age 21).  This artist will be given the opportunity for performance and promotion as 'BC's Best Emerging Youth Artist' at Capital Festival events through the year.

the second award is  ... 

"BC's Best 'Garage Band Live' Award 2011" - a prize package given by Capital  Festival  Productions and affiliate "Garage Band Live "  in conjunction with the team from 'Locked in a Garage Band' and local sponsors.  The award is given to the act that has a great song, great performance and great attitude while being 'locked' in a "garage" (theatre) for the afternoon.  Each act gets to dazzle the room with one song and they get bonus points for audience reaction!  We're looking for the artist or band with the best all-around performance and the best song for potential consideration on the soundtrack.

The winning act receives:

Garage Band Live 2011 - 1st Prize Award
Prize package value approx.$5000.00
1. Consideration for an original track to be included in the soundtrack of the 'Locked in a Garage Band' movie.

2. A main stage headline performer slot for Capital Festival BC Day Celebrations 2012.

3. Representation by Capital Festival Productions(CFP) for 1 year as 'BC's Best Garage Band Live' winner, which includes a minimum of 1 paid opening performance slot at a CFP headline show through the year.

3. A Promotional package from Capital Festival Productions, the 'Garage Band Live' Program and local sponsors that includes:

  •  A Promotional and Live Photoshoot with David Bukach Photography
  •  A full day of studio time connected to "Garage Band Live" program, with the purpose of preparing a song for consideration on   the 'Locked in a Garage Band' soundtrack.
  •  Music Business Success Workshop (as part of the Garage Band Live Program)
  •  Various promotional and performance opportunities for 1 year as BC's Garage Band Live winner
Garage Band Live 2011 - Runner-Up Award

1. Music Business Success Workshop (as part of the Garage Band Live Program)
2. Consideration for performance opportunities throughout the year with Capital Festival Productions
3. Takes the place of the 1st prize winner if for any reason they cannot fulfill their role as BC's Best'Garage Band' Live 2011 winner at any point through the year.

All participants in the Garage Band Live competition will receive a gift certificate.

Garage Bands can consist of any combination of instruments or musical ensemble. The winning artist and runner up will be chosen from a short-list of 20 bands chosen to perform on BC Day - 'locked in a garage' for the afternoon -- or rather, the theatre at St.Anne's Academy.  This will be an entertaining afternoon, with songs from some of Victoria's most talented 'Garage Bands' and clips and information about the movie, as well as being able to meet many of those involved in making the movie, including some of its stars.  The afternoon is free for anyone to attend and cheer on our many bands!


All Bands or solo artists for Garage Band Live will need to arrive between 11-12 noon  at St Ann's Academy Auditorium to guarantee their performance opportunity and confirm their online pre-registration.To guarantee your performance in competition on BC Day a registration and release agreement form will need to be signed on site between 11am and 12 noon or your space may be given to another band or artist. "Garage Band Live" is a program developed and produced by Capital Festival Productions (CFP).

"Garage Band Live" Competition and pre-registration contact is posted at our website

Our Host Band for 'Garage Band Live' this year, is Spaceport Union, a local 'garage band', and nominees this year for the Vancouver Island Music Awards, 'Best Live Act'.  Part of the 'Garage Band Live' purpose to to showcase local hardworking, independent acts with passion and promise, especially those that exemplify the spirit of 'giving back' to the community and to other artists.  Our host band have taken on this year's challenge and as part of that role, will be assisting throughout the day with the Garage Band Live Program.  Meet the band at

The goal of "Garage Band Live" and the Garage Band Live Program is to support independent musicians and bands with support, promotion,and education leading to professional opportunities.

Back line requirements/sound/ and drum set we will have on stage in St Ann's Academy auditorium..
All confirmed "Garage Bands" and artists will be posted on our website with performance schedule by
Friday July 29th.