Garage Band Live Competition

Get out of your garage and onto the stage with
"Locked In A Garage Band" the movie and BC Day Celebrations.

BC indie bands are invited to register for a chance to
audition for the soundtrack of the movie.

for the "BC Day Celebrations 2011"
“Garage Band Live”
Best Performance Competition

If you’re an unsigned artist and have a rock'n band, enter our 1st ever
“Garage Band Live” Best Performance Competition. Bring your talents out of the
garage and on to the stage on BC Day Celebrations at St. Ann’s Auditorium
on Monday, August 1, 2011.

Featuring independent young artists a chance to sign-up and
audition that day would be a feature to the BC Day event.
Entries are invited for original compositions. Participants will have the chance to win a
Prize Package of BC Emerging Artist Award and potential opportunity to be
included in Movie soundtrack of  "Locked in a Garage Band" the movie.