About Us

Who We Are

Capital Festival Productions is committed to the belief that community outreach is an integral component of any healthy and fiscally viable performing arts organization. Building energetic, collaborative partnerships is a core component in producing positive concert events and marketing initiatives. This in turn leads to energetic partnerships with sponsorship and stakeholder fulfillment at its core, and ultimately greater audience participation.

Our goal is to promote Victoria, British Columbia, as a cultural destination, vibrant in the performing arts, while providing opportunities for young performing artists. Capital Festival is dedicated to developing, encouraging and supporting musicians, singers and performers, including young classical musicians and artists who are pursuing their goals in the performing arts.

What We Do

Producing the very best festivals and concerts, our primary objective is to create a top of mind awareness of our  events and to ensure, as always, that everything is of the very highest standard.

We guarantee sponsor satisfaction with the top level exposure they receive from our festival events. Our objective is to deliver memorable events to the community allowing everyone to experience our creative and cultural diversity.
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