O'Siem Festival Performers

Featuring Susan Aglukark, recipient of the Order of Canada, will captivate teens and parents alike with her moving performances and motivational workshops, taking place several times throughout the weekend. Llively music and dance performances by local artists, including blues guitarist David Gogo


Friday Feb 11
12.00pm Salsa Caliente (12:00‐2:00)
12:00pm Karly Summers, Sarah Tradewell, and Brandyn (Main Stage + circulating)

2.00pm Dr. Updegrove - Wellness Workshop (2:00‐2:15)
2.30pm Karly Summers (2:30‐2:45)
2.45pm Char
3.00pm Esquimalt Singers and Dancers
4.00pm Susan Aglukark
5.00pm Lush Life (5:00‐7:00)
6.45pm Karly Summers
7.00pm David Gogo
8.00pm David Gogo
9.00pm David Gogo

Saturday Feb 12
9.00am Strength in 2 Fitness Workshop + Sarah Tradewell, Karly Summers and Brandyn
10.00am Esquimalt Singers and Dancers + Char
10.30am Lee (Sportball)
11.00am Char
12.00pm Gettn' Higher Choir
1.00pm Susan Aglukark
2.00pm Les Cornouillers (2:00‐2:40)
2.45pm Salsa Caliente (2:45‐3:15)
3.30pm Susan Aglukark (3:30‐4:20)
4.20pm Esquimalt Singers and Dancers

Sunday Feb 13
9.00am Karly Summers and Brandyn James (main stage and
10.00am Esquimalt Singers and Dancers
11.00am Salsa Caliente
12.00pm Balkan Babes (Main Stage +
1.00pm Salsa Caliente (1:00‐2:00)
2.00pm *End of Stage Performances*